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Does Your Customer Really Understand What You Do?

Technology is a complicated field and many tech business owners struggle when talking about their services in a way that their customers understand. They don’t explain their value clearly.

I work with technology business owners to simplify their marketing message so that it is easily digestible to their customers.

How clear is your marketing message?

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Communicating Technology Isn’t Always Easy

I see a lot of technology business messages out there that really miss the mark and as a tech peer, it drives me crazy. I get it though, it’s hard for most business owners to view their own message as others view it. It’s like it’s trying to see the fishbowl when you’re the fish. Because I’m both a business owner and a fellow technologist, I have developed an ability to translate business technology language into plain business language.

Are You Too Close?

Technology business owners understand their business so well that it actually gets in the way of explaining their value to their client. They are too close to their solution, and they struggle to find simple ways to explain how they help their customer to understand their value.

Do You Find Selling Uncomfortable?

Most of us aren’t comfortable advocating our own value and tooting our own horn. We think we come across as bragging or showing off when we use tech phrases or terms that aren’t familiar to the rest of the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Using Business-ese strategies, you will learn to flip the switch so that you are not selling your customer you are helping your customer.

I Struggled Too

I struggled to communicate simply with my clients. I had to learn to think differently about how to communicate with my customers.


Make Your Message GREAT

I want to make business messaging Great. Because I have been a business leader for my entire career and I’m also a technologist I have developed an innate ability to translate business technology language into plain Business English.

A Road map: Six Questions That Explains Your Business

To get clear about your business, you need to answer six fundamental questions.

  1. What business are you in?
  2. What is your purpose; your “Why”?
  3. What pain do you solve?
  4. What story best describes the pain you solve?
  5. Who is your target market?
  6. How do you reach your target market?

Sell Your Services With Confidence and Ease

After completing the Business-ese roadmap, you will be more confident in communicating with prospective clients so that they will immediately understand your value and have the information necessary to quickly determine that you are the right fit.

Start Getting Clear

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A Message from Corey Prator, Founder of Business-ese

I’ve been in the business of technology for over 20 years, and have launched several successful companies as a tech business owner. Most importantly, I’ve been where you are.

Early on in my career, I struggled to communicate my technology business to potential customers in a way that made sense.

I’ve always loved technology and people, but when it came to selling my tech business to people I flailed. I was uncomfortable with the sales aspect of my work because it felt too complicated, and as a result, I left countless profits on the table.

Luckily, I’ve learned a lot over the years and have developed a communication strategy that takes away the pain of selling tech. Now I actually enjoy presenting my tech services to anyone because they get it, and I want to help other tech business owners do the same with their message.

Technology is hard, but communicating it to our customers doesn’t have to be.